Entertain the Kids with DART’s Downloadable Coloring and Activity Book

Cover of DART's "Off We Go!" coloring book Cover of DART's "Off We Go!" coloring book
Posted on Apr 9, 2020 by Donn Coburn

Download DART’s free coloring and activity book and let the kids experience DARTable adventures while they’re at home.

Off we go? Well, maybe not just yet. Most North Texas families are sheltering in place, with trips limited mainly to the grocery store or pharmacy. These are trying times, not least of all for young children, whose everyday adventures have come to a temporary halt.

But, kids have limitless imaginations, and now is a great time for them to flex their creativity. Download DART’s coloring and activity book, and let the kids go to the zoo, the mall and even on a trolley ride, all without leaving home.

In addition to illustrations of familiar landmarks that children can add their own local color to, the book has educational activities such as mazes, word scrambles and other engaging stuff. Off We Go! is free and can be downloaded as a PDF file. Just print it, and presto – you’ve found a way for your child to occupy a few hours and take a journey of discovery, powered strictly by imagination.

Downloadable Coloring Book:

Downloadable Educational Activities:

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