4 Reasons You Should Come Back to DART

Posted on Jul 22, 2021 by DART Daily

DART helps you keep your cool, save money, avoid traffic and clear the air. Let’s dive deeper into the four reasons why you should go back to DART:

1. Don’t sweat traffic…or the heat.

DART makes your commute easier, without all the hassles – for one cool ride. Skip the traffic and stress. You’ll arrive relaxed and ready to roll up your sleeves. Just hop aboard a bus or train – and leave your headaches behind!

2. Pain at the pump? Take DART for rapid relief.

Our buses and trains give you the affordable, hassle-free commute you deserve. You’ll keep more of your hard-earned money, put less wear and tear on your car and spend less at the pump. In short, you’ll save with every ride!

3. Take a break from bumper-to-bumper.

Ride DART – and free yourself from all the traffic and parking hassles. By riding instead of driving, you turn your commute time into “me time.” Read a book, listen to music, stream a show or just close your eyes and relax. You’ll get to work (and back home) like clockwork!

4. Don’t just go green. Go yellow.

Driving to work alone doesn’t just cost a lot of green – it costs the North Texas air, too. Help reduce pollution by leaving your car in the garage and riding DART instead. You’ll get a cleaner, greener commute, so we can all breathe easier!

As you can see, DART gives you plenty of reasons to ride – month after month. Go back to DART.



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