4 Things You Need to Know About D2 Timeline

Posted on Dec 6, 2016 by dartdallas
DART listens to its stakeholders and the public when developing a new project like D2, to make sure we are creating a transit project that best serves the North Texas community. We heard extensive feedback during the development phase that a subway is the choice. Now that D2 is moving forward as a subway, our timeline has shifted due to the complexity of the project development and engineering process. D2's Progress So Far Below is a quick recap of where the process has led us thus far:
  • DART submitted and received authorization from the Federal Transit Administration to begin the project as an at-grade or partial tunnel alignment in November 2015.
  • We began researching all of the potential effects an infrastructure project of this size may cause. Different concerns like environmental, traffic, noise, and historical preservation are taken into consideration when evaluating the design of the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) route.
  • The public told us a subway option would be the best solution for D2. The Dallas City Council and the DART Board agreed that DART should build D2 as a subway.
Where Are We Now? When the FTA approved the original at-grade or mostly above-ground LPA, DART had approximately until November 4th, 2017, to complete the Project Development phase and move on to the engineering portion of D2's design. Below-grade factors to consider, such as soil quality and underground utilities, will require DART to take more time to determine the most viable route for the second rail alignment. DART is now refining the LPA to include the subway design, and we must come together with stakeholders, businesses, and the greater North Texas community to make D2 a reality. In order to keep D2 on track, DART is hoping to resubmit this new subway design to the FTA by June 2017.  If submitted and approved, DART will be able to enter the next phase of Project Development; preliminary engineering and environmental impact statement. Getting There A subway design has been decided for D2, but that means that there is a lot of work ahead.  Determining the LPA will be an intense process; figuring out how to navigate below ground, and determining the subway’s route will require collaboration from everyone.  Together, we keep D2 moving in the right direction.
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