Ask DART: How Do I Find my Future Bus Route or Service?

AskDART - Find My New Route AskDART - Find My New Route
Posted on Nov 12, 2021 by DART Daily

With DART’s New Bus Network going into effect on Jan. 24, 2022, you may be asking where your new bus stops will be, what routes you will ride, and how to use GoLink.  

The answers to your questions will be found at, which is the service change website for the New Bus Network. We are regularly updating the website as we have more information to share with you.

Here is a quick tutorial on the tools we have for you as of mid-November.

On the home page, go to the menu at the top of the page and click on “Find My New Route.”

DARTzoom Menu

Here you will find two resources to help you identify what changes are impacting your transit trips:

  • New Bus Routes – A table lists your current bus routes and what new routes or GoLink service will replace them
  • Interactive Map – Type in a specific address and learn whether a bus route or a GoLink zone will serve that location.

Find My New Route Page

New Bus Routes

The first button will take you to a new page that lists every current bus route as well as the changes that will take into effect on Jan. 24, 2022.

Click on your route number and it will jump to that route on the table.

DARTzoom Bus Routes

For example, Route 350 from Collin College Plano Campus to the Addison Transit Center will be replaced with New Bus Network Route 236 and parts of two GoLink zones.

Route 350 - New Bus Network

You can click on “236 W 15th” and the chart will link to a new table that leads to a route map.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

If you prefer a more visual tool, on the interactive map, you can enter any address and see the service that will be closest to that location. You can also switch between the “Existing Network” and the “New Network” to compare service.

The color of the New Network bus route line indicates the approximate weekday midday frequency in that location. A yellow shaded area shows that the location will be served by GoLink.

Click on the bus route or GoLink zone and a pop-up tells you the new bus route number or GoLink zone name in that location.

New Bus Network Service Change At a Glance

  • All new routes and numbers – The bus route(s) you ride today will no longer exist. All routes will be replaced by new routes with a new number and/or with GoLink service.
  • Some fixed-route service replaced by GoLink – Some fixed-route bus service will be replaced with DART’s on-demand GoLink service. We are doubling the number of GoLink zones, often providing coverage to areas that have little or no bus service now. Plus, we’re starting the new GoLink services early on Dec. 6 so you can try it out before the big January service change. Visit to learn more.
  • Bus stops will be eliminated – Some bus stops will be removed because the area will be served by GoLink, bus service is moving to other streets, or we are reducing stops that are too close together to speed up trips.
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