Customers, Employees, and Community are Focus of Planned System Transformation

Downtown Garland Station refresh
Posted on Apr 30, 2024 by DART President & CEO Nadine S. Lee, Leading Mobility newsletter

We are working diligently to leverage DART as a strategic economic and mobility asset for this region. It’s been stated many times that more than four million people will be moving to the metroplex over the next 20 years. In fact, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is poised to surpass Chicago as the third largest metropolitan region in the country and transportation is critical to our continued prosperity for everyone.

Public transportation is a key element in creating thriving communities, so it’s important for us to consider the needs and experiences of customers, employees, and stakeholders as we move toward modernizing our system. 

Improving the customer experience can involve implementing digital ticketing systems, real-time tracking apps, comfortable waiting areas and seats, and clear signage.

Employees, in turn, will contribute to the transformation with training on new technologies and systems crucial to a smooth transition. They will be involved with the modernization process and provide feedback that will lead to better outcomes and higher satisfaction, for themselves and customers.

Engaging the community throughout the process is important for building support and addressing concerns. Public meetings, advisory committees, and regular updates all contribute to an informed and robust transition process. 

In the months and years ahead, I challenge you to:

  • Learn about the investments we are making.
  • Participate in community meetings and share your community’s needs and desires.
  • Publicize DART’s meetings, surveys, and plans to your residents, employees, and neighbors.
  • Advocate and provide support for DART’s requests for federal, state, and regional funding.
  • Share your perspective as riders and neighbors.

Working collaboratively, we will have a system where reliability, security, and cleanliness are part of our DNA. Our riders will experience seamless mobility through increased modes of travel and the availability of services, ease of access, and connectivity. Most importantly, DART is becoming the mobility asset that helps drive strategic economic growth in the North Texas region.

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