DART Vanpool Program Saves Commuters Time and Money

Posted on Sep 12, 2017 by lwebbmanondartorg
Vanpool Vehicles Many North Texans are saving time and money, as well as helping to reduce congestion and their carbon footprint, through DART’s Vanpool program. Currently, 62 employers participate in the program, sponsoring more than 180 vanpool  groups. With DART's vanpool program, 10 to 15 people can share the cost of a 15-passenger van for $450 a month, or six to eight people share an eight-passenger van for $425 month. DART supplies the van and the insurance for a fee, which can be paid for with pre-tax income. Participants share in the cost of gas. Some employers reimburse employees for all or part of the cost. A DART vanpool can go anywhere, anytime, if either the work or home destination is within Dallas, Denton or Collin Counties and does not originate within Tarrant County or other counties that we consider served by the vanpool program of the Fort Worth Transportation Authority. There are many benefits of participating in DART’s Vanpool/Carpool service:
  • Decreased wear and tear on personal vehicle
  • Creates a less stressful commute
  • Allows time to read, relax or converse with others
  • Provides convenience for one-vehicle households
  • Reduces air pollution and traffic congestion by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road.
Learn more: DART.org/Vanpool
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