Happy Anniversary, Trinity Railway Express!

A Trinity Railway Express commuter train sits parked at Fort Worth Central Station in Fort Worth, Texas. A Trinity Railway Express commuter train sits parked at Fort Worth Central Station in Fort Worth, Texas.
Posted on Dec 30, 2020 by DART Daily

Happy anniversary to the Trinity Railway Express! The TRE was established by an interlocal agreement between DART and Trinity Metro in Fort Worth. The commuter rail took to the tracks Dec. 30, 1996. Now, it connects the downtown areas of Dallas and Fort Worth, with stops in the Mid-Cities and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Take a look at some of the TRE’s significant milestones:

Dec. 30, 1996

DART opened its side of the first commuter rail line in the southwestern United States. The first segment of the TRE followed a 10-mile rail line linking downtown's Union Station (now EBJ Union Station), the Medical/Market Center Station and the South Irving Transit Center (now Downtown Irving/Heritage Crossing Station).

Dec. 15, 1997 

The TRE debuted an expanded schedule featuring midday and evening service.

Dec. 5, 1998

The TRE added Saturday service to its schedule.

March 12, 1999

The TRE carried its one-millionth customer.

Sept. 16, 2000

TRE service extended west to four new stations: West Irving Station, CentrePort/DFW Airport Station, Bell Station and Richland Hills Station.

Dec. 3, 2001

TRE service extended to the Intermodal Transit Center (now Fort Worth Central Station) and T&P Station (now Fort Worth T&P Station) in downtown Fort Worth. This completed the rail connection between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Jan. 14, 2002

TRE dedicated the Intermodal Transportation Center accommodating TRE, The T (now Trinity Metro), Amtrak passenger service, and retail opportunities.

Sept. 14, 2009

With the opening of the DART Rail Green Line's first phase between Victory and MLK, Jr. stations, the TRE began regularly scheduled service to Victory Station.

Learn more about the TRE at DART.org.

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