Live Here and Get There Efficiently, Reliably & Affordably

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 by dartdallas
With a population that has welcomed more than 140,000 new residents in the past year alone, North Texas must keep people moving freely whether it’s in the traffic on our highways, in our airways, or along our transit network. Investing in all forms of transit will ensure that North Texas has the infrastructure we need to support our growth while continuing to offer North Texans the way of life they’ve come to know and enjoy. Making All Forms of Travel More Efficient Think about your everyday routine, do you choose to travel via your personal vehicle? Now envision what your commute would be like if DART did not exist. More than 60 million passenger trips are taken on DART per year and about 200,000 people ride DART every day. What happens if all of those folks were traveling in vehicles on our highways? DART contributes to the efficiency of getting from one place to another within our region, whether you ride transit or not. A Reliable Transit Option A variety of circumstances can impact your travel anytime you step out your front door, but riding DART can eliminate a few of those outside forces you can’t control. In addition, freeing your hands from the wheel can you let you do a lot more in your daily commute. Think about adding 45 minutes more time to get work done, read a book, or be on a conference call, undisturbed by traffic. That extra time can mean a lot when balancing a busy daily routine. Live Here, Work There DART gives North Texans the flexibility to choose where they want to live and still be able to access work options or employment elsewhere. Transit options offer residents choice in how they move around the region, by offering reliable and efficient means to get to their jobs, culture, entertainment, education, and so much more. DART is proud to offer transit service that is focused on moving North Texans around our region affordably, efficiently and reliably. Even for those who do not ride, DART helps ease the flow of traffic, making all forms of transit easier and commutes better for everyone.
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