New Vehicles, Renovated Facilities Will Modernize System

DART Rail Maintenance Facility
Posted on Feb 22, 2024 by Leading Mobility newsletter

Over the next 10 years, DART riders will enjoy new modern buses and trains, as well as renovated stations and transit centers. These updates will be most visible to the public and will show the communities we serve that DART is preparing for the future.

Known as the System Modernization Program, this comprehensive effort will also modernize DART’s rail signal systems, renovate its bus and rail maintenance facilities, and enhance the resiliency of the rail system guideway, tracks, and other elements across the rail corridor during extreme weather.

The goals of this program are to:

  • Improve the Customer Experience by enhancing security, cleanliness, reliability, and amenities.
  • Bring the DART System to a State of Good Repair, a term that means our assets are in good to excellent condition, which allows the agency to maintain and operate its transit services at the full level of performance.
  • Modernize the DART System with next-generation buses and rail vehicles, level boarding at all rail platforms, unified signal systems, passenger and maintenance facility improvements, and increased resiliency, capacity, and efficiency.

The System Modernization Program is an integral part of the agency’s long-term strategic plan. These equipment and infrastructure improvements will help DART achieve its strategic goals to deliver a quality customer experience, create a seamless travel experience, and create fantastic spaces that add value to the community.

DART is engaging riders, non-riders, stakeholders, and employees in the planning processes to ensure that the updated system reflects the future of public transit. To guide the design of the new light rail vehicles, the agency conducted focus groups, on-board interviews, and surveys. DART also gathered feedback for its next bus fleet by surveying riders on vehicles, at bus shelters, and at transit centers. The agency collected employee input through an online survey.

Upgrades of this magnitude require a highly coordinated effort. DART has hired consultants to help the agency manage the numerous interconnected projects and worked to improve internal communications to ensure employees are aware of the processes.

The System Modernization Program will enable DART to raise the level of service for our riders by enhancing the safety, reliability, and accessibility of our system.

DART reconstructed some damaged columns at Hampton Station and restored the color to all columns on the platform. This station rehabilitation project is typical of the renovations that will be done to DART's rail stations and transit centers as part of the System Modernization Program.

Staff modernized the destination signs on the light rail vehicles, converting them from roller signs to digital signs that are less likely to jam and are easier to update.

DART plans to upgrade the overhead light rail powerlines to be more resilient during extremely hot or cold temperatures.

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