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Posted on Sep 10, 2018 by dartdallas
3 lot of new.png You asked. We answered. Thanks for sending your questions and comments about DART's new fare options. Check out the following questions and responses from our recent Twitter Town Hall:
Question 1: Doretta asked via email: I have already purchased a monthly pass effective August 24, 2018 under the current fares.  Will it be valid through its expiration? #DARTtownhall Answer: Joseph Costello, Finance: If you purchased the pass through the app, you have 60 days to activate the pass then it is valid through the expiration date. If you purchased a paper pass, your passes will be honored through the expiration date. tth1
Question 2: Luke via email: Is possible to use Google Pay or Apple Wallet and have a card on your phone, without an app? #DARTtownhall Answer: Tina Morch-Pierre, Finance: DART is working to enable the use of Apple Wallet, Samsung Wallet, Google Pay as well as using your GoPass Tap card with your phone in early 2019. More information regarding this capability will be forthcoming. tth2
Question 3: Amanda asked via email: Hi. A friend purchased two weekly passes for me through the app. They have not yet been activated. Will they still be honored? #DARTtownhall Answer: Joseph Costello, Finance: Yes, passes purchased through the app have 60 days to activate the pass then it is valid through the expiration date. tth3
Question 4: Devin asks via email: Why are fares increasing? #DARTtownhall Answer: Joseph Costello, Finance:
Question 5: Luke via email: How do the tap & pay stations work at the DART stations? I've seen them for months, but they've never been active. #DARTtownhall Answer: Brandi Stringer, Marketing: The card readers are active now. If using a GoPass Tap card, you should be able to start tapping Aug. 18. tth5
Question 6: How does fare capping work? #DARTtownhall Answer: Brandi Stringer, Marketing on fare capping:  
Question 7: Eduardo via email: I use a monthly pass which is going to increase from $80 to $96 this Saturday. If I buy an annual pass, it seems it is $800. The new fare for this annual pass is $960 in January 2019. Question is, can I buy an Annual pass next week for $800? #DARTtownhall Answer: (1/5) Tina Morch-Pierre, Finance: Annual Passes follow the calendar year, and the new rates begin Jan. 1, so if you purchased an annual pass next week, it would pro-rated starting the day you purchased through the end of the year of 2018. (2/5) Tina Morch-Pierre, Finance: If you decided to purchase an Annual pass, it will be more upfront cost, but it is still less than buying 12 monthly passes. (3/5) Tina Morch-Pierre, Finance: You also could take advantage of fare capping. Watch our previous video. (4/5) Tina Morch-Pierre, Finance: Here is how it works. As you purchase passes during the month, the fare will go towards the monthly pass rate. (5/5) Tina Morch-Pierre, Finance:  Once you pay the equivalent of the monthly pass rate in one calendar month, the system will credit a monthly pass to your GoPass app mobile wallet or GoPass Tap card account and you won't pay for another pass for the remainder of that month. tth9
Question 8: What are DART’s new fare options? #DARTtownhall Answer: Joseph Costello, from DART Finance, explains DART’s new fare options:
Question 9: Blake via email: I'm a high school student in the DART area. Will high school fares be available in the GoPass app or with the new GoPass Tap card? It would help me when I DART to school on the weekends, now that the period has been extended beyond the weekday. #DARTtownhall Answer: (1/2) Tina Morch-Pierre, Finance: You can’t purchase a reduced high school fare in the GoPass app. But, you can use the GoPass Tap card. 2/2) Tina Morch-Pierre, Financ: For now, you will need a reduced GoPass Tap card from the DART Mart Store at Akard. You’ll also need a DART-issued student ID. Call Customer Service for more info at 214-979-1111. tth11
Question 10: Do seniors and students still receive reduced fares? Answer: Tina Morch-Pierre, from DART Finance, discusses reduced fares for seniors and students with DART’s new fare options.
Question 11: Are reduced fares available for trade and college students? Answer: Tina Morch-Pierre, from DART Finance, discusses reduced fares for trade and college students with DART’s new fare options:
Question 12: From @Rilgon on Twitter: How much of this fare increase is going to be put towards service improvements, especially on lines with frequent lateness problems like the 486/488? #DARTtownhall Answer: There is a current initiative focused on on-time performance, which has improved and will continue to be a focus of the agency. tth14
More Answers: View answers to more frequently asked questions about DART's new fares at And, for answers to your GoPass® and GoPass® Tap card questions view the frequently asked questions page on Lastly, DART's Customer Service representatives are happy to answer your questions about DART's new fare options. Give them a call at 214-979-1111.  
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