Want to know DART’s top priority? Safety.

Posted on Jul 5, 2017 by dartdallas
Public transportation is best when riders and the community feel safe.  As a community partner DART works to make sure that everyone feels secure when they hop on one of our trains or ride one of our buses to their destination.  In addition, DART strives to increase safety in all of the places DART transit is located. Keeping our riders and our community safe remains an integral part of DART’s core mission from planning to construction to implementation. DART works with local and federal agencies to make sure our public transit system remains secure and we have the ability to respond to possible safety events quickly and effectively. How does DART keep our community safe? Awareness Campaigns: DART Community Engagement staff provides the North Texas community with comprehensive safety awareness and construction updates whenever DART is working on a new transit project.  In fact, DART prioritizes communicating these updates with the public during the construction process.  We hold regular local meetings, one-on-one sessions with property owners, distribute flyers and newsletters to residents, and post regular updates on our website to let the public know the most recent news. Additionally, DART leads ongoing safety awareness activities for the surrounding community.  DART representatives run presentations at community events, safety fairs, and schools to increase awareness about the dangers of railroad tracks. Educating drivers, pedestrians, and riders ensures that everyone can make the best and safest decision when interacting with DART rail. DART Police Force: DART established its own police force in 1989 to uphold our mission of operating the safest transit system possible.  With more than 200 officers, DART police have all the rights, privileges, obligations, and duties of any other peace officer in Texas. DART police enforce applicable laws, maintain cooperative relationships with law enforcement agencies, and provide responsive police services on and near DART transit systems.  DART police transform into Santa Cops and provide meals and toys to families in need during the winter season. Safe Place: DART is a member of the Safe Place program.  This non-profit organization builds community safe havens for young people in crisis.  DART is committed to protecting North Texas’s youth by preventing human trafficking.  The Safe Place program gives help immediately to those in crisis by extending the reach of local youth services, shelters, and organizations.  Young people in crisis can approach DART staff and let them know they need help. DART staff is trained to work in coordination with other local organization to transport children and youth to safety. DART is committed to keeping North Texas secure.  We feel that a holistic public transportation system increases safety for riders, pedestrians, and drivers. Check out DART’s new safety initiatives and find out more information on how DART is working to make our system as safe as possible. Remember! Customers may contact DART Police at 214-928-6300 if you see something suspicious, have questions or concerns.
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