DART Honored at the Plano Police Department Citizen Heroes Award Ceremony

DART Honored at the Plano Police Department Citizen Heroes Award Ceremony
Posted on Feb 16, 2024 by DART Daily

On Nov. 5, the Plano Police Department searched for a missing person who had a medical condition with limited verbal communication skills. Detectives were unable to locate the missing person and issued a press release.

A tip was received that stated the missing person was on a DART train heading towards Plano. Detectives boarded the Red Line to search for the missing person. With no luck, they continued their search at Parker Road Station.

There, detectives spoke with DART attendant, Sharon Paramo, and provided a missing person bulletin. Paramo shared the bulletin with other DART employees and bus operators.

Soon after, detectives received a call from DART staff at Parker Road Station informing them that the missing person had been found by Sharon Curry, bus operator, who had reviewed the missing person bulletin that had been shared.

Curry and Paramo stayed with the missing person and kept him safe until Plano Police officers arrived. The missing person was reunited with his family and friends.

Today, Curry and Paramo received the Citizen Heroes Award for their service to the community and their help in finding a missing individual.

“The efforts of everyone involved, both direct and indirect, were extraordinary. The successful search and rescue mission resulted from outstanding teamwork exhibited by the Plano Police Department, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, and other individuals who contributed to the operation. We thank you all for your exceptional service, dedication, and teamwork,” stated Plano Police Chief Ed Drain. 

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