2021 Winter Weather: Travel Tips from Our Riders

2021 Winter Weather: Travel Tips from Our Riders 2021 Winter Weather: Travel Tips from Our Riders
Posted on Jan 29, 2021 by Krystal-Rose Agu

Thank you for following along as we shared how you can prepare for safe travel this winter, no matter what the weather brings.

Throughout this series, you’ve learned that preparedness is the key to safe travel during severe winter weather.

You’ve learned that DART provides critical information when you need it with notifications through our electronic subscription service, websites, social media, interactive digital kiosks and mobile apps.

You’ve also gained an understanding of DART’s two severe winter weather operating scenarios: Scenario One, which calls for a partial rail shutdown, and Scenario Two, which calls for a full rail shutdown.

In addition, you’ve discovered that whether it’s allowing you to trip-plan indoors or providing contactless ways to pay for your transit passes, DART makes winter travel easier with GoPass.

And lastly, you’ve had a little fun by participating in our contest and sharing your winter travel tips.

So, we’ll wrap up our winter weather series by sharing some of those tips.

Reggie says:
Wear several layers, arrive to your stop earlier, allow extra time to get to your final destination and bring and gloves to keep you warm.

Angie says:
My best travel advice is to have a DART travel bag! My travel bag has a scarf, in case I need an extra layer, and an umbrella, in case the weather changes. Also, make sure you have the DART GoPass app! Plan your trip and arrive confidently knowing you have the best route and fare. Last, but not least, let your eyes radiate warmth as we see different people from Dallas on our light rail. We are lucky to have so many DART options.

Corban says:
Wear weatherproof shoes! It’ll most likely be the make or break point in catching your bus or train when it’s pouring outside!

Yayir says:
Always bring a scarf with you! It can feel chilly in the buses and trains, especially on longer rides.

That concludes our winter weather series. To learn more about DART’s severe winter operating plans, visit DART.org/winterweather.


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