Ask DART: Face Mask Requirement

Ask DART: Face Mask Requirement Ask DART: Face Mask Requirement
Posted on Dec 3, 2020 by DART Daily



Are non-compliant riders who refuse to wear a mask allowed to ride?

DART riders are required to wear a mask when they board a DART bus or train. Wearing a mask is for everyone’s safety. Masks do not have to be medical grade. A cloth covering or bandana will work. If a rider forgets their mask, DART has made them available on all trains, buses and the Dallas Streetcar.

Wearing a mask is required by an executive order from Texas Gov. Greg Abbot. The mask policy is enforced by DART Police.

If a customer sees another rider without a mask, they can report the incident – or any other situation that needs attention – on the DART Say Something app. The DART Say Something app offers a discreet, quick and easy method for reporting security concerns directly to DART Police.

The app enables two-way communication that allows DART Police dispatchers to request further details.

Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

If you have problems installing the app or if you do not own a smartphone, you can text a tip to 214-256-1819.

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