DART to Replace Fabric Seats with Vinyl for Better Cleanliness

New Bus Seat Covers New Bus Seat Covers
Posted on Apr 25, 2023 by DART Daily

DART is replacing nearly 34,000 fabric seat cushions and backs on its bus fleet with vinyl-covered ones, which will provide a better – and cleaner – experience for riders.

Huy Nguyen, manager of bus fleet engineering, said the agency currently has 570 buses and hopes to have fabric seats replaced on 90% of these buses by May 29.

“The vinyl seats will be easier to clean and sanitize,” said Nguyen.

Daniela Rodriguez - Bus Photo
DART rider Daniela Rodriguez said she is thrilled to learn DART buses will soon all have vinyl seats and hopes train seats will be next.

“Cloth seats just are not very sanitary. You never know what you are sitting on,” Rodriguez said. “I think this is a good step for DART to take to make sure riders like myself feel more comfortable.”

Marvin Hurt, AVP of Fleet Engineering at DART, said the agency expects to begin replacing fabric seats on light rail vehicles in May. With a fleet of 163 LRVs, this means about 15,000 seats should be replaced by the end of September. The agency is also purchasing 1,500 spare seats to make replacing damaged seats more efficient.

“DART is committed to maintaining its system in a state of good repair,” Hurt said. “Vinyl seats have a material life cycle of 10+ years, and more importantly, provide a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable environment for our riders.”

Seat replacement is in line with other efforts the agency is making to provide better riding experience for riders. In November 2022, agency launched the DART Clean Team initiative. This team removes trash and debris aboard DART light rail vehicles as they operate throughout the day, supplementing the extensive cleaning protocols already in place.

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