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DART Transit in the News DART Transit in the News
Posted on Apr 15, 2021 by Donn Coburn

This is an ongoing series that will keep you informed about the goings-on in the transit industry. Hopefully, it will provide little perspective on the larger environment in which DART operates.

Big-city transit systems will get a bigger slice of the pie; the urban environments and transit systems of the future continue to generate conversation; and experts share their thoughts on how to improve bus service.

Big cities, big funds
Mass Transit Magazine reports that federal stimulus funds are being reapportioned to better benefit some of the nation’s bigger transit systems, such as DART. Previously, the funding legislation had favored smaller systems. The article explains:

The latest round of funding uses a formula that distributes more money to the larger cities and systems that have borne a greater COVID-related burden.

Build it and they will walk
A feature in Wired opines that successful cities of the future will be built around public transportation, pedestrians and cyclists, rather than cars. The article focuses on San Francisco. The takeaway is delivered in this quote from Jeff Tumlin, who heads up that city’s Municipal Transportation Agency:

“Almost no matter what you want to do with cities, transportation is the fastest and most cost-effective way of achieving your goals,” he says. “If you want to reduce CO2 emissions, if you want to advance social equity, if you want to foster small business success, if you want to increase land value, if you want to increase public health, if you want to reduce fatalities and injuries – transport is the place to do it.”

Basics of effective bus networks
As DART works to redesign its bus system, it’s useful to take note of the goals that are prevalent throughout the industry. Here’s a short reading list for those who are interested. Some of these articles go back a few months or even years, but the principles remain the same: More direct routes. Fewer stops. Better connections.

Elsewhere in transit: St. Louis Metro launches an online trip planner; and agencies in Denver, Maryland and California roll out on-demand transit options in partnership with Uber.

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