A DARTmas Story

Posted on Dec 24, 2018 by dartdallas
  Since it’s the holiday season We thought there was no better reason For the happy festivities to start With what the community means to DART. So, we decided to tell you a tale Showing DART’s role beyond buses and rail And now that it’s come to an end Just a little more time we would spend Recalling the stories we shared And remembering the lessons we paired To highlight the value of DART. Let’s go all the way back to the start. We started with the holiday treat Of Miracle on Commerce Street Where we told of economic prosperity Which thanks to DART is certainly no rarity. We moved onto collaboration Which for DART is not just aspiration We’re bringing North Texas together All year long, no matter the weather. Next How DART Saved North Texas was told Where DART’s commitment to growth was extolled How we’re increasing regional connections And expanding transit in all directions. Finally, we ended with an old-fashioned fable Bringing DART - the Mobility Manager to the table Telling of DART’s future and past And building infrastructure to last. Now to tie up any loose ends As the holiday season descends We wish you a very sincere Merry DARTmas and Happy New Year!
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