Ask DART How do I ride DART Rail on Oct. 11 if I'm NOT going to the fair

Posted on Oct 10, 2014 by thudsondd
DART100811-268 Navigating the DART Rail on Saturday, October 11 can be challenging for those not going to the State Fair of Texas for the Red River Showdown. The trains are packed with fans going to the game and DART is operating a lot of special service to help expedite and ease the trip for the tens of thousands of fans traveling to the game. But for those NOT riding to the State Fair of Texas, how do you get where you need to go in a timely manner? Take a look at some of the bullet points below to see how our service modifications could impact your route. • Red Line: Southbound Red Line trains marked "Special" will bypass downtown and go straight to MLK, Jr. Station. Please do not board these trains if you need to stop in downtown Dallas or travel further south. Regular service Red Line trains will operate to connect you to downtown Dallas or further south. Northbound Red Line will follow a regular Saturday schedule and route. • Blue Line: Northbound and southbound Blue Line trains will operate a regular Saturday schedule and route. • Orange Line: Orange Line trains will ONLY operate between Bachman Station and DFW Airport Station. A transfer to the Green Line is required for those traveling beyond those seven stations (Bachman, University of Dallas, Las Colinas Urban Center, Irving Convention Center, Northlake College, Belt Line and DFW Airport stations). • Green Line: Southbound Green Line trains will not stop at Victory, West End, Akard, St. Paul, Pearl/Arts District, or Fair Park stations. They will continue to Union Station and proceed non-stop to MLK, Jr. Station through the DART Rail facilities on the southern side of downtown Dallas. For those needing to reach a downtown Dallas station: Transfer to the Green Line circulator at Union Station. For those needing to reach Victory Station: Board a shuttle bus at Union Station. Northbound Green Line trains will operate every 10 minutes from Buckner Station and will not stop at Fair Park Station. • Green Line circulator trains will run clockwise around downtown and serve Fair Park, Union, West End, Akard, St. Paul, Pearl/Arts District, Deep Ellum and Baylor University Medical Center stations. • Trinity Railway Express: The TRE will operate a normal route with State Fair attendees advised to deboard at Victory Station for special bus shuttles. For those needing to transfer, please travel to Union Station and board the Green Line circulator for other downtown Dallas stops or transfer to a Red or Blue line for service elsewhere. Tips for success: • Allow yourself extra time to reach your destination. • Ask DART staff for help reaching your destination. • Please be patient, especially if you're riding in the three or four hours before the 11 a.m. kickoff.
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