Ask DART Is there really a 'hidden' Knox-Henderson rail station?

Posted on Jan 29, 2015 by dartdallas
From time to time we’re asked why there isn’t a station near Knox/Henderson. Eighteen years ago, the neighborhood didn’t want one. Today, while the neighborhood has changed in a lot of ways, and there are occasional requests for a station, there’s simply no funding to build one. It’s not in our long-term plans either. We’re focusing on expanding capacity in Downtown Dallas and building a second light rail corridor through downtown. Yes, we did some excavation for a possible station under North Central Expressway when we were tunneling to connect downtown with north Dallas. If you look to the west, just after you leave Mockingbird Station headed to Downtown Dallas, you can see where we did the digging. It’s behind a concrete block wall. We thought it was a good idea to do the excavation while we were working underground in case funding became available for a station near Knox and if community opposition to a station subsided. As side note, Cityplace Station is 120 feet under North Central. It was originally planned at about 140 feet but the distance shrank when the road was rebuilt and lowered.
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