Ask Gary How has DART evaluated bus service and why is the current analysis different?

Posted on Jan 21, 2015 by dartdallas
Quarterly, we use a Route Performance Index (see below) to determine if a route meets our standards. Then we recommend to the DART Board adjusting, eliminating or preserving routes based on the best interests of our customers and stakeholders. Some bus service changes were based on the light rail expansion. We also have performed sector analyses and made changes to improve service. Financial factors prompted some bus and rail adjustments. But what we have not done is look at the bus system from a holistic perspective, including a review of our coverage philosophy as it relates to other metrics. The Comprehensive Operations Analysis is one of the tools we're using as we update our near- and long-term plans for the entire DART System.  
A Route Performance Index averages three ratios: subsidy per passenger, passengers per trip, and passengers per revenue mile. RPI measures the financial efficiency and operational effectiveness of an existing bus route. DART has seven categories of bus routes; each route is evaluated against the target score for its type.
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