BMW introduces intermodal navigation system that includes public transportation

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 by thudsondd
BN-BA310_nav_E_20140108132716 INRIX INTERMODAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM BMW, working with traffic application company INRIX, is launching the world's first in-car intermodal navigation system. Unlike your car's typical TomTom or Garmin point-to-point navigation system, an intermodal system integrates alternatives transportation methods like biking, walking, and yes, public transportation, into your route. Let's say you're driving from Oak Cliff to NorthPark Center, but the traffic is gridlocked on North Central Expressway. The intermodal navigation system may suggest you park your car near Pearl/Arts District Station and take the Red Line the rest of the way to the mall to save time. The system will debut in BMW's i3 electric vehicle this spring. Check out the detailed infographic produced by INRIX for more information. INRIX Partners with BMW to Introduce Intermodal Navigation [PRNewswire via WSJ]
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