Building a Better Future for North Texas

Posted on Feb 28, 2018 by dartdallas
Why is DART planning more than 20 years in the future? Transit projects are extensive and require a long time to plan out the engineering process and design. Additionally, a stronger, more robust public transit system will help North Texas continue to grow and thrive, both economically and demographically. That’s why DART continues to make long-term investments in expanding, enhancing, and strengthening the entire system. The D2 Subway Why it’s important: The D2 Subway will be critical for North Texas businesses and communities as the entire region continues to expand and grow in the future (The population of North Texas is expected to increase by 36 percent by 2040!) The D2 Subway will help ensure the DART system can meet the transit demands this increased population will mean for our area. It will also help provide a more sustainable transit solution to help reduce the number of cars on the road and keep traffic congestion and carbon emissions to a minimum. What’s the status: DART is gearing up to reinitiate the preliminary engineering and the environmental impact statement effort for the new subway alignment.  DART also continues to work through the proper channels to secure funding for the D2 Subway, which will help increase capacity and alleviate strain on the four light rail lines currently running through the Dallas Central Business District. Once complete, the D2 Subway will also help strengthen the connection between various modes of transportation (such as the Dallas Streetcar), providing more flexible transit options for North Texans. The D2 Subway will help lay the groundwork to connect our region to the future of mass transit throughout North Texas and the entire state, including high-speed rail. Interested in finding out more about the D2 Subway project? Check out our Anatomy of a Subway series for an in-depth look at the different components of a subway project. The Cotton Belt Corridor Why it’s important: Not only will the Cotton Belt help connect our communities, increasing mobility and providing greater flexibility for North Texans, but it will also prepare our region for future growth and economic development.  The Cotton Belt will provide system linkages to major employment, population and activity centers in the northern part of the DART Service Area and support sustainable growth initiatives in the region. What’s the status: The Federal Transit Administration (FTA), in coordination with DART, will be issuing the Draft Environmental Impacts Statement (DEIS) and 10% design plans this spring for a 45-day public and agency review period, a major milestone to support service by 2022.  Stretching 26 miles from DFW Airport to Plano, the Cotton Belt Corridor is another important piece of North Texas’ transit puzzle. Once complete, the regional rail line will connect with three existing DART lines, connecting seven North Texas cities to the larger transportation system across the region. Want to learn more about the ins and outs of the Cotton Belt? Be sure to read through our Behind the Tracks blog series to get a behind-the-scenes look at North Texas’ newest regional rail line. The 2040 Plan Why it’s important: Both the D2 Subway and the Cotton Belt are key elements of DART’s 2040 plan. Still in development, the 2040 Transit System Plan takes into consideration a range of mobility options that will help build a better future for our region, helping DART envision what North Texas’s transportation needs might look like in the future so we can begin planning to meet them today. What’s the status: DART is in the process of developing the Draft plan and will hold meetings to update the community on plan ideas and progress.  DART’s 2040 Plan covers a number of other projects that are already in the planning and funding stages. These include planned Red and Blue Line platform extensions, infill stations, the City of Dallas’ modern streetcar expansion, and TRE improvements.  The 2040 plan will outline future projects and programs that DART is considering to maintain pace with our region’s growth and development, such as fleet and facility expansion, and discusses key topics such as first/last mile connectivity, regional expansion, and transit-oriented development. DART periodically assesses our transit infrastructure to ensure that we continue to create value today and in the future. These forward-thinking efforts allows DART to contribute to our region as we continue to grow in a sustainable, responsible way; create economic opportunities, attract new business; and increase the quality of life for all North Texans.
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