Conceptual subway strap helps keep germs at bay

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Posted on Apr 2, 2014 by thudsondd
dnews-files-2014-03-cyclean_lickable_handle_670x440-jpg An award-winning conceptual design hopes to keep germs at bay for those riding public transit. The device, which is called the Cyclean, consists of a cleaning mechanism and a strap. The strap is fed through the cleaning compartment when pulled by passengers. Using a rough sponge and disinfecting agents, the strap is scrubbed of possible germs and bacteria. Li Jiyang, Liu Tao, Qiu Zhen, Zeng Jiayu and Zhou Shen are behind the design, which won a Red Dot Award. There's no word if the Cyclean will be put into production, but until then, handkerchiefs, disinfecting wipes or tissues may be the best bet to protect from germs. Finally, A Subway Grip Clean Enough To Lick [Discovery]
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