Countdown to the D2 Subway

Posted on Oct 26, 2018 by dartdallas
Excited about the D2 Subway? So are we! As we work towards the development of the D2 Subway, check out our countdown of the 5 numbers you should have in your back pocket when discussing how it will serve North Texas. 150,000 (Jobs within ¼ mile) With 150,000 jobs currently within a quarter mile of D2 stations, the D2 Subway will be at the heart of North Texas’s economic growth, and a critical part of DART’s plans to take its mobility options to the next level. The D2 Subway will not only improve access to existing jobs but will also support the thousands of new jobs being created every year as new industries call North Texas home. Expanded transit services like the D2 Subway will help sustain this economic growth and open these emerging industries up to a larger workforce pool. 2024 (Service Starts) The North Texas region’s economic and population growth shows no signs of slowing down before service starts in 2024. That’s why the D2 Subway is just one of DART’s capital planning projects aimed at building the infrastructure to support the region both now and in the future. In addition to building a stronger and more robust public transit system that will help the region continue to grow, the D2 Subway will let us operate more trains through downtown and increase flexibility to how people get around. 3 (Subway Stations) Although the three new subway stations -- Metro Center, Commerce, and CBD East – have been identified, the exact locations of access points to the stations are still being determined, with DART seeking input from local stakeholders and the public. These stations, along with the surface level Museum Way Station, will mean more people will be able to access all that the communities of Downtown Dallas have to offer, opening up residential and commercial districts to residents and visitors alike. 2 (Light Rail Lines) Under the current system, all four of DART’s rail lines converge on the same track through downtown Dallas. The D2 Subway will allow DART to redistribute its rail lines between two downtown rail corridors, adding much needed capacity and operational flexibility. The D2 Subway will also connect to the existing Orange and Green rail lines and provide convenient transfers to the Red and Blue lines. Bringing the system underground as part of the D2 Subway will also ensure it is better able to avoid surface disruptions, meaning fewer interruptions to your journey, while helping to alleviate bottlenecks on existing lines. $1.4 billion (Project Cost Estimate) DART is working with Congress to obtain a federal grant to fund part of the $1.4 billion price tag for the D2 subway. However, even if federal funding is not available, we have developed approaches to pay for D2. Thanks to consistent and conservative financial management, DART has enough local debt capacity to build the D2 subway without federal support. As more information becomes available about the D2 Subway, be assured that we will keep you in the loop. Make sure to sign up for updates and stay tuned to our DART Dailies for everything you need to know about the D2 Subway and the other DART infrastructure projects.
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