D-Link Destination Eno’s Pizza Tavern in the Bishop Arts District

Posted on Jan 3, 2014 by kptacek2013
Editor's note: D-Link Destination is an occasional first-person look at exploring the dining, shopping and cultural attractions near the D-Link bus route. Enos Pizza Finding ourselves at the office on New Year’s Eve, my coworker and I figured that was occasion enough for a long lunch – so we hit the D-Link to Oak Cliff. At the corner of Main and Akard, a bus in that familiar shade of magenta (we think it’s Latin for “really, really pink”) arrived almost immediately.  We were Bishop Arts District-bound. On our way across the Jefferson Boulevard Bridge, we could see signs of progress on the streetcar tracks being laid on the Houston Street Viaduct as part of Dallas’ Union Station to Oak Cliff Streetcar Project. Savvy readers will remember that DART is administering the construction contract, but that the project is owned by the city of Dallas. Once our D-Link bus approached the intersection of N. Bishop Ave. and Davis St., I hit the stop-request bar and we were dropped off in front of Café Brazil. From there, it was a short walk down North Bishop to Eno’s Pizza Tavern Following lunch, the numerous shops and galleries tempted us to linger. We stopped briefly in Artisan’s Collective, but true exploration of the district would have to wait for another day. Artist Collective We headed back to where we disembarked, this time crossing the street to the D-link stop near Gloria’s restaurant. Even though we knew that D-Link arrives every 15 minutes, my coworker texted the Stop ID on the bus stop blade using the DART 41411 service , which promptly texted him back with the next scheduled arrival time: 7 minutes. In no time, we were back on D-Link bound for downtown Dallas.
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