DART Critical for Our Workforce, Our Businesses, Our Commerce

Posted on Aug 11, 2017 by dartdallas
North Texas is known for being business-friendly. From our tax policies, to our affordable housing, to our quality of life, businesses find North Texas an attractive place to set up shop. DART is always thinking about how best to support these companies and help our economy thrive.  DART is one of the foundational supports business depend upon; from individual employee mobility, to recruiting and supplying a reliable workforce, to ensuring that commerce moves freely and flexibly. We work every day to make sure we are doing all we can to support our workforce and our businesses that make North Texas so great. DART improves everyone’s commute We know that getting people to their jobs is a priority for DART. A large part of our workforce depends on access to DART to get to their places of employment safely and efficiently. For folks who do not own a car, DART is a lifeline to connect them with their places of employment. One million jobs are within walking distance of DART bus and rail. DART is committed to providing even more flexibility for those North Texans who do not necessarily live where they work.  Through new large-scale projects, like D2 and the Cotton Belt, as well as revamping our bus system, we want to make easier for people to take, transfer, and commute using DART. Non-riders may not realize the impact DART has on their own commutes.  Our highways can sometimes get a little backed up Monday-Friday during rush hour.  Now think about what our roads would look like without DART.  Bumper-to-bumper isn’t just a mental ache, all that exhaust leads to an environmental ache as well.  Even if you may not ride DART, you’re reaping benefits of living in a cleaner and less congestive region thanks to a comprehensive public transit system. DART supports business growth DART provides a public transportation infrastructure that appeals to many businesses when they consider relocating or opening up shop in a community. Public transportation allows company leadership to know that there are mobility options for their workforce that ease commutes, and provide reliable access to employment. That’s good news considering, that the 20 biggest business relocations from 2015-2017 accounted for the creation of approximately 7,600 jobs in North Texas. Jim Lentz, Toyota North America’s CEO, commented that there were many reasons for choosing North Texas as their headquarters and moving from California, “About half the criteria behind the move were business-related and the other half were focused on our team members…For our team members, we wanted a location with good schools, a reasonable cost of living and housing, and less stressful commutes to work.DART plays a part to ease the flow of commerce With all of the new businesses making North Texas their home, keeping the flow of commerce moving smoothly will be a challenge.  All different types of industries rely on ease of shipping to send and receive the materials they need. DART plays a role in unclogging our highways and providing connections between major hubs in our region.  Less cars on the road means an easier flow of materials to businesses. Jobs, Business, Commerce, Oh My! Although you may not see it at first, DART plays a hand in supporting our region’s economy by getting people to work, attracting new businesses, and keeping commerce moving smoothly. Whether you are a business owner, vehicle commuter, public transit commuter, or someone who has a hand in commerce in our region, DART is here for you.
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