DART Police Pose with Local Dogs to Highlight Dallas' Animal Foster Program

Posted on Mar 6, 2017 by kagudartorg
Lights, cameras ... and K-9s. DART Police officers and dogs in Dallas Animal Services' foster program put on their best smiles and poses for a photo shoot Saturday at Mockingbird Station to inspire the public to help save Dallas’ dogs. Local animal services organization, the DAWG Project, teamed up with Dallas Animal Services to organize the shoot as well as the foster program, which responds to the loose and stray dogs in southern Dallas with an avenue for care. The DAWG Project co-founder, Melanie Wells, said the shoot helps people see that fostering can be a beneficial experience for both the dog and foster care provider. “What I find is that you get more than what you put in,” Wells said. DART officer Davis-Cole smiled with little Timmy, a dog of an unknown breed who arrived at the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center with a broken jaw. Timmy has since recovered. Davis-Cole said the event demonstrates that officers are available to help animals as well as people. DART officer Serrao posed with many of the dogs at the photo shoot. She said the foster program reveals that the dogs at the shelter are friendly and adoptable. To learn more about the Dallas Animal Service's foster program, visit www.dallaspets.org/foster.
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