DART to Adventure at the DMA Africa

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 by guestauthordartorg
At the DMA, we’re excited to partner with DART for the fifth consecutive year on the annual DART Student Art Contest. This year’s theme is “The adventure starts here,” and what better place for students to embark on their own artful adventure than at the DMA! So we’ve put together a mini journey around the world for those budding artists out there, to help ignite their creativity and inspire their contest submissions. Our first stop is the country of Ghana on the west coast of Africa, with our sword ornament in the form of a lion. This golden lion would have adorned the state sword of a chief, symbolizing bravery. But don’t let his apparent smile fool you—an Asante proverb warns that lions who bare their teeth are ready to attack. His toothy grin is really meant to advise us to heed the words of the chief. DART to your next visit at the DMA and get inspired on your own adventure through our permanent collection—all for FREE! Post by Sarah Coffey, Education Coordinator at the DMA.
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