Enjoy an Upbeat Evening with Bree & The Fellas

Posted on Nov 18, 2016 by kagudartorg
bree_n Jazz, pop and neo-soul -- Let Bree & The Fellas transform your time at the station into a groovy experience during DART’s Music Station at Downtown Garland Station today from 5-6 p.m. Coming from a family of musicians, lead singer Bree Parker, who goes by just Bree, said music became paramount in her life as early as age 7. Bree sometimes finds herself riding DART and said the Music Stations allow bands to connect with the public. “Whenever I ride DART for a trip to the fair or for a day of wandering, I always find myself enjoying the city of Dallas in a different way,” Bree said. “I love how DART Music Stations are giving local artists a chance to shine and connect with those in the community.” The band aims to spread a positive, inspirational message in a way that people, from the non-musician to the most talented, can enjoy. After releasing a CD and singing on various stages around Dallas, Bree & The Fellas strives to penetrate the hearts and minds of as many people as possible with its music. Music Stations allow bands to do just that, and offer you a part in celebrating DART’s 20 years of light rail. For all of you who will be at Downtown Garland Station tonight, Bree has a message for you: “If you happen to pass by us this evening, sing or clap or dance along,” Bree said. “We just want you to have a good time.”
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