Faces of DART Frederick’s Story

Posted on Jul 11, 2018 by dartdallas
Today, we’re excited to hear more about Frederick Cerise’s story, President and CEO of Parkland Health and Hospital System. Faces of DART is diving deep to learn more about how multi-modal transit helps patients, hospital staff, volunteers and visitors access the healthcare services and job opportunities at Parkland Health and Hospital System.
Parkland Health and Hospital System is more than just one hospital.  Started in 1894, Parkland is now one of the largest public hospital systems in the country, averaging more than 1 million patient visits annually. Serving North Texans across the region, Parkland boasts a Level 1 Trauma Center, second largest civilian burn center in the U.S., Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and more than 20 community-based clinics. DART’s public transit services provide access to these critical health services and facilities that North Texans depend on. Frederick mentions, “Without DART, how can patients get back and forth either to the hospital or to the clinic for services? DART is a big part of our delivery system because access to care involves actually getting physically to our hospital and clinics.” DART is not just about getting patients to services, it’s also about being a connector, helping employees and patients alike connect to the services they need, ultimately making our region healthier. When North Texas harnesses the power of multi-modal transit, everyone benefits. Want to hear more Faces of DART stories? Check out Judy Jolley, a commuter who depends on DART to get her to her job reliably every day, or Alexandra Heller-Relayze, who credits riding public transit for less wear and tear on her vehicles and a good work out. What’s your transit story? Share it with us and you could be one of the Faces of DART! Visit the Faces of DART page to tell us what transit means to you today!
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