Faces of DART Union Gospel Mission

Posted on Oct 16, 2018 by dartdallas
We’ve showcased a lot of Faces of DART who’s daily lives are impacted by transit. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how DART and Union Gospel Mission work together, to help North Texans who are homeless gain access to the support services they need.
The Union Gospel Mission has served the local community since 1949 with its goal of ending homelessness one person at a time. As Union Gospel Mission’s CEO Bruce J. Butler makes clear: public transit helps transform lives by providing a critical way for people to get to work, interact with the community, and get the help they need. DART’s rail and other transit services are about more than increasing mobility: DART is a critical part of the North Texas community, providing men, women and children who are homeless access to Union Gospel Mission’s shelter and services. According to Bruce, the guests of Union Gospel Mission rely on DART transit to get to and from their jobs and around the community, and without it, their lives would be more difficult. Not only that, but he believes that the partnership between Union Gospel Mission and DART is critical in giving people hope, and showing people that Union Gospel Mission, DART, and the community have not given up on them. More than just increasing mobility, DART is helping homeless North Texans access the shelter and support services they need to transform their lives. That’s the power of public transit.
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