Kick Off Back-to-School Season with DART’s Safety Review

DART’s Safety Review DART’s Safety Review
Posted on Aug 13, 2019 by DART Daily

With students of all ages heading back to school the DART system is likely to start getting a little busier in the coming weeks and months as more people rely on it for their daily commutes or even just special occasions.

For DART, safety has long been priority number one. That’s why we take keeping riders, community members and the public informed about our safety awareness efforts seriously.

DART takes proactive measures to help keep the entire system as safe and secure as possible, including performing periodic checks on DART’s light rail and commuter trains, increasing the police presence at high-volume stations during rush hour or special events, as well as closely collaborating and constantly communicating with local police departments regarding any suspicious persons, packages, or activity.

Taking Steps to Make Your Ride Safer

More people on the train or bus can mean a greater chance of running into safety risks. While DART works as hard as possible to prevent major safety and security mishaps, there are steps riders and non-riders alike can take to help stay safer on and around the DART system. Here are some important personal safety tips to keep in mind to help make your experience with DART as safe and enjoyable as possible:

  1. Look up and stay alert.
    Phones and mobile devices may be good ways to stay entertained when you’re using DART, but they can also be distracting. Be sure to always pay attention to your surroundings and keep your eyes up, especially when you’re waiting for a train or bus.
  2. Turn down for what?
    If you do use your phone or mobile device to listen to music, stream video, or keep up with social media, make sure you turn the volume down—or better yet, take out an earbud—so you can hear approaching vehicles.
  3. Walk this way.
    Around the DART system, only cross at designated crosswalks and always be sure to look both ways before you proceed.
  4. Stand back!
    We know everyone is eager to get on the train or bus in order to get a good seat, but always stand back from buses and trains at stations, platforms, and stops, especially when they’re arriving or departing.
  5. Wait your turn.
    Wait for other passengers to exit DART vehicles before trying to board—it’s not just the polite thing to do, but it also helps keeps things running smoothly while making sure everyone stays safe. Remember: people off before people on.
  6. Watch your step.
    Bus riders should watch their step when existing from the bus to the curb.
  7. Keep it clear.
    Stand clear of the doors on all DART vehicles—that means don’t crowd them before the bus or train stops and certainly don’t ever lean on them—and be sure not to stand or sit on stairwells to keep those passageways clear for emergencies.
  8. Have a seat.
    Take a seat after you board if there are any available. If there aren’t—or if you prefer to stand—make sure you are holding onto one of the handrails or other supports. DART vehicles may need to make sudden, abrupt stops.
  9. Know when to yield.
    When it comes to DART trains and buses, the right time to yield is every time.
  10. Again, keep it clear.
    Steer clear from railroad tracks and crossings—never walk, ride, jog, drive along, or hang out on or near them.

By keeping these safety tips in mind, you can help ensure a safer experience on DART as schools welcome back students across the North Texas region. For more information, be sure to review our full Passenger Guide to Safety and Security.

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