Meet the Faces of DART
Posted on Feb 5, 2018 by dartdallas
DART is more than just a collection of light rail lines, buses, streetcars, and trains.  We are part of North Texas’ makeup; here to help keep life on track for the thousands of North Texans who make our region so special.  DART's proud to play a role in the daily lives of individuals, families, students, business owners, and all who call this region home. DART is here to serve North Texas and we believe our purpose is larger than just ridership and mobility. That’s why we are telling the stories of the Faces of DART; learning more about every day North Texans who are impacted by our multi-modal system, even those who don’t ride. Watch the Faces of DART Here! Hear from North Texans, just like you, to learn more about their lives and how DART helps makes life a little easier for everyone in our region.
  Why Faces of DART? As DART President and Executive Director Gary Thomas said, “It’s the people of North Texas that move our region forward.” Over the coming weeks and months, we will be taking a closer look at the Faces of DART --- including the students, local business owners, residents, and riders who depend on a multi-modal transit system to help life run smoothly. We all benefit from a more connected, accessible region that creates economic opportunities, fosters a stronger, more diverse workforce, and creates a positive environment to support new developments across the region. Stay Tuned for More! Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as we take a closer look at some of the Faces of DART and hear stories about how robust, flexible transit options are helping expand job and economic opportunities, strengthen local communities, and drive new investments that are creating a more vibrant, accessible North Texas. To receive email updates about the Faces of DART, click here. Interested in becoming one of the Faces of DART and telling your transit story to the DART community?  Visit and share how a strong regional transit system helps you.
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