New Fare System Benefits Riders Like You

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 by dartdallas
DART’s new fare structure and ticketing options arrive August 18. Fare capping helps you get the best deal with every ride, and, with the new GoPass® app or a registered GoPass® Tap card, you get more rides for your money. See how the new fare system benefits riders like you: Istock 76568505.Nicole Meet Nicole: Most weekdays and some Saturdays, Nicole spends $6 on a Day Pass through the GoPass® app. Today, she checked her GoPass® Wallet to see how many passes she’d purchased and activated this month -- she’s up to 14 days, or $84. Way to go, Nicole! With just two more Day Passes -- or by spending $12 more -- she won’t have to pay for another pass until the next calendar month.   Istock 76568505.Tim Meet Tim: At 10 a.m., he taps his way aboard a bus, and the system automatically charges him $2 for a Midday Pass. When he boards another bus at 1 p.m., the system does not charge him again -- he’s still within the Midday Pass period. When he taps aboard a third bus at 3 p.m., the system charges Tim an additional $3 for a PM Pass. His total trip cost $5 -- still less than a day pass!   Jordan Meet Jordan: Jordan taps the card reader at various times throughout her day with a registered GoPass® Tap card during the first part of a calendar month. Her total taps at the card reader equal the cost of a Monthly Pass. Good news, Jordan: No need to pay another penny -- you’re covered until next month. What if Jordan used the GoPass® App instead? If she activates $96 worth of passes during a calendar month, a Monthly Pass will appear in her GoPass® Wallet.   Learn more about the new fare system at
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