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Posted on Jul 24, 2017 by dartdallas
We know that we can’t rely on just a single mode of transit to meet all of our region’s needs.  That’s why DART works to provide a healthy mix of all different transit options, such as light rail, commuter rail, buses, and paratransit to build a dynamic and connected transportation system that serves our entire region.  We also partner with public and private entities to provide services such as D-Link, the Dallas Streetcar, and site specific shuttles that link with key job and entertainment centers. With more than 652 buses and 11,973 bus stops in 13 cities, DART is committed to making our service convenient, flexible, and easy to use so we can continue connecting not just riders but our entire region. Here are a few ways DART is making our bus fleet and the area’s bus service the best it can be:
  • Connecting the dots. When our community asked for more bus transportation options we worked with the City of Dallas to open a new downtown bus circulator, the D-Link! The D-Link provides more opportunities for connection between DART’s different modes of transit and with different stops allowing residents even more flexibility as they move around the region. This is just the latest example of where we’ve stepped up to provide expanded bus connections in our service area. Earlier this year we added bus service in Plano to connect with the growing Legacy Business Area.
  • We’ve upgraded. DART has replaced almost our entire fleet of buses with new, environmentally friendlier CNG-fueled vehicles. What is CNG? Good question! CNG stands for compressed natural gas, which is a cleaner alternative to other fossil fuels.  This means that our buses can run on a more reliable and cleaner form of fuel.
  • There’s an app for that! Want to know up-to-date info on bus times and quickly purchase a pass? DART is always looking to incorporate technology to keep our transit system on the cutting edge; we have the GoPass app for mobile phones and travel tools to track your bus or train.
  • Continuing education. Maybe you’re a light rail rider and need a little extra help figuring out DART’s bus service. Maybe you’re a car-owner interested in transitioning to public transit a few extra days a week to catch up on work and cut down on gas. Or perhaps you’re a business owner that wants to give their employees all the info they need to catch the bus and get to work on time. Regardless, DART's Travel Ambassador Program is here to help! This program provides free travel orientation to anyone who needs a little extra help using public transit or is new to our bus system.
How are we focused on continued improvement? With all these improvements, is DART finished improving our bus service? No way, we’re just getting started! In addition to those CNG buses, we’re introducing some electric buses into our fleet. We’re expanding our bus service, including more frequent trips especially during midday and on weekends. While the majority of our bus service is south of I-30, we want to ensure that people who start their trip via bus can find their way to employment centers located anywhere. Whether improving access to commerce, retail, employment, healthcare, or education, DART is constantly reviewing how we can improve or adjust all kinds of transit service to better serve North Texas.
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