News bits Comparing Dallas and Houston; Transportation trends discussed

Posted on Jun 23, 2014 by thudsondd
rail-test-to-DFW-airport-station-4-15-14_2 On Friday, Houston Chronicle transportation writer Dug Begley took an in depth look at how Houston's transit compares to what DART has built over the past 30 years.
Their citizens debate which has the best restaurants, the most impressive skyline, the richest economic outlook. They're the big boys and fighting brothers of Texas, 240 miles apart. When it comes to rail development, however, it's not just miles, but long-running philosophies dating back more than 30 years that divide Houston and Dallas as both open new rail lines this year.
Read the complete story here.
Elsewhere, Brandon Formby at The Dallas Morning News takes a look at the transportation trends that emerged from the New Cities Summit and U.S. Mayors Conference.
North Texas is a car-loving region that’s also home to the nation’s longest light-rail network. And in the past week, Dallas has served as the epicenter for national discussions about how transportation solutions are devised and implemented.
Click here to read the takes on everything from bike lanes, to federal funding, to automated cars.
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