Raising the Bar Platform Extensions – Bringing Value to All

Posted on Jan 22, 2019 by dartdallas
So far, we have explained what work will be done and why it is necessary in our series Raising the Bar: Platform Extensions. Today, we are looking at how platform extensions will benefit not just riders, but the entire North Texas region. Here’s where you’ll see the positive impact: On the light rail Once construction is complete, DART will be able to go from operating two-car to three-car light rail vehicles as warranted by demand. This ability will increase peak capacity by 33 percent, which will:
  • Address the growing demand for DART’s rail system
  • Reduce overcrowding during peak times and special events
  • Increase room for passengers, making for a more comfortable journey
In the community Additional rail capacity will allow more people to take advantage of the rail system – this means fewer cars on the roads and less peak-hour stress. In addition to increasing capacity as our region grows, this project will:
  • Maintain the ADA accessibility of platforms and light rail vehicles
  • Increase convenience for local communities
  • Help ensure that North Texas has access to a reliable, rapid and efficient transit service
In the environment The project is also expected to have a range of environmental benefits. More rail users and fewer cars on the roads means:
  • A reduction of transportation-related energy consumption
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
Shorter commutes, increased passenger capacity, improved mobility options – it’s a great time to be a DART rider. To keep up to date as the platform extension project progresses, check out: www.dart.org/about/expansion/platformextensions.asp.
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