Six-Year Old DART Enthusiast Enjoys Visit with Gary Thomas

Posted on Mar 23, 2017 by lwebbmanondartorg
Garrett Clark got his first train set when he was just a toddler. Trains have been his passion ever since. And now that he’s a little older – he just turned six in December – Garrett’s hobby has grown to experiencing real-life train adventures on DART. And there have been many. He shared some of his stories Tuesday with DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas. On a DART map, which Thomas ended up gifting, Garrett pointed out the different lines he’s ridden and to where. Many of his adventures start out on Bus Route 400 in Addison. “I like taking the Red Line to the Downtown Plano Station because I get to see the old train car (Interurban Railway Museum),” Garrett told Thomas. “And I like to eat at Angela’s (Angela’s at the Crosswalk), because I can watch the DART trains go by.” He’s taken DART to the Dallas Zoo many times. Another favorite stop is Union Station because his father works in the building next door. Garrett likes to look out the window to the station below and watch the trains go by. Being so close, a visit to his dad’s office isn’t complete without a ride on the Dallas Streetcar, too. Garrett likes Cityplace/Uptown Station as well, but says it takes a little too long to get up the escalators. Once he’s at street level though, Garrett loves to hop on the trolley. For his fifth birthday party, Garrett’s parents rented a M-Line Trolley. It was a big hit! His birthday party in January of this year was DART-themed at the DARTable Bowl and Barrel bowling alley at the Shops at Park Lane, located near Park Lane Station. Rosa Rosteet, DART community engagement representative, surprised Garrett and his friends with lots of DART swag. When asked why he loves DART so much, Garrett said matter-of-factly, “Because DART is cool.” Garrett – who dreams of becoming an engineer someday -- had some ideas of where he’d like to see additional lines and wasn’t shy about pointing those out to Thomas. Thomas also showed Garrett historical photos and objects of 20 years of rail construction. A picture of the Blue Line to Ledbetter Station caught Garrett’s attention. Demonstrating his knowledge of the DART system, Garrett told Thomas, “The Blue Line ends at the UNT Dallas Station now.” For his next big DART adventure, Garrett hopes to get a behind the scenes look at how DART trains are cleaned and maintained. As to why DART is so important for North Texas, here’s what Garrett said: “Because the world has too much pollution and DART is helping save the world from more pollution.”
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