We Are North Texas’s Mobility Manager

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 by dartdallas
No North Texan is the same. We’re business professionals, we’re parents, we’re students, we’re small business owners. The underlying thread that connects us all is movement; each one of us navigating our way around this great region to get to work on time, drop off our kids at school, run errands, and connect with the people we love. DART is here to help make that flurry of movement a little easier. A Serious Responsibility As mobility manager for North Texas, we take our job seriously. We work every day to ensure that we can meet the diverse mobility needs of our unique region. That’s why DART supports a multi-modal transit system, so you can access and experience all that our region has to offer. No two days are the same in the lives of North Texans. DART is here to make sure we have the transit services in place to make the jigsaw puzzle of our lives fit together. We can’t do it with just one type of transit. That’s why we offer more than 93 miles of light rail, 625 buses, 11,973 bus stops, and 64 light rail stations. We know folks need options when it comes to mobility. North Texans should be able to choose the type of transit that’s best to get them wherever they need to go. Look at All the Options! As North Texas’s mobility manager, DART also understands that our residents do not stay in one place. Some prefer to work in one of North Texas’s unique small towns and live under the bright lights of downtown Dallas downtown. Others may commit to the hustle and bustle during the day time and head to quieter pastures in the evening. DART’s service area covers more than 700 square miles, so you can live in the neighborhood that works for you while having access to your job – and a host of other opportunities. It’s not just commutes that DART’s concerned about. We’re also are thinking about the whole experience of movement for North Texans. How can you easily get to the State Fair of Texas, a Mavericks game, or the best new restaurant you’ve heard about in Carrolton? Whether you’re traveling by car, rail, bus, ride-share, or streetcar, we are committed to making your trip affordable, reliable, and safe (whether you’re using DART or not!). It’s Our People From those who have grown up here to those who adopted North Texas as home, all contribute daily to make our region a destination. We’re growing even more day by day. In fact, North Texas welcomed over 140,000 new residents since just 2015. We are a dynamic, unique, and diverse community that requires a transit system that can support the different lives we lead. Maybe you’re a student that depends on DART to get you to class on time, or perhaps you’re a business professional that relies on public transit to make a morning meeting, or connect with and experience new cuisine, catch that new musical, or even take a chance and follow your dream of opening up your very own business. No matter what type of North Texan you are, DART is here for you.  
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