Year in Review Federal funding vital to replacing rail in downtown Dallas

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 by kptacek2013
Editor's note: This is an excerpt from the recently published Dallas Area Rapid Transit Year in Review for the 2013 fiscal year. Click here to see the entire publication. West-End-Statio All four DART Light Rail lines converge through the transitway mall in the downtown Dallas Central Business District (CBD). Track conditions have deteriorated more quickly than anticipated and the heavy volume of trains has caused wear and tear sufficient to warrant track replacement. In the next two years, DART must replace 1.25 miles of rail through the CBD at a cost of nearly $50 million. Funding has been provided within the FY 2014 Budget and 20-Year Financial Plan. If additional funding of $16 million is identified, the project may incorporate two sets of double-crossover tracks. A double crossover would allow trains to move around an incident or track blockage, reducing systemwide delays and the need for bus bridges. These tracks also provide greater operational flexibility once a second rail alignment is built through downtown.
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