8 things to know about the Silver Line Regional Rail Project

DART Silver Line vehicle - Photo courtesy of Stadler US DART Silver Line vehicle - Photo courtesy of Stadler US
Posted on May 15, 2023 by DART Daily

DART has been talking about the Silver Line Regional Rail project for many years, but you may still have questions. Here are the top things you should know:

1.  The Silver Line will connect seven cities and DFW Airport.

The 26-mile Silver Line will travel between Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Shiloh Road in Plano, across the northern section of the DART Service Area. The alignment crosses through seven cities: Grapevine, Coppell, Dallas, Carrollton, Addison, Richardson, and Plano.

2.  The Silver Line is expected to start operations in late 2025 to mid-2026.

Archer Western Herzog, DART’s prime contractor, is working on projects throughout the rail corridor, including street closures for rail installation and construction of stations, bridges, and sound walls.

Regional rail service to all 10 stations will start at the same time.

3.  You can transfer between the Silver Line and DART Rail and Trinity Metro’s TEXRail.

Rider will be able to make rail transfers at these stations:

  • 12th Street Station in Plano – Connect to the Red and Orange Lines
  • CityLine/Bush Station in Richardson – Connect to the Red and Orange Lines
  • Downtown Carrollton Station – Connect to the Green Line
  • DFW Airport North and DFW Airport Terminal B Stations – Connect to Trinity Metro’s TEXRail

Riders who need to go between DART’s Silver Line and DCTA’s A-train will need to take the Green Line one stop between Trinity Mills Station and Downtown Carrollton Station.

4.  The Silver Line vehicles are diesel-electric self-propelled trains.

Stadler Inc. is manufacturing state-of-the-art vehicles for the Silver Line. The vehicle type is a diesel multiple unit (DMU), which is a rail vehicle that has self-contained diesel engines that generate electricity to run the trains. Each vehicle is self-propelled; use of a locomotive is not required. While DART could connect multiple DMUs together, the station platforms will only be long enough to fit one vehicle at a time.

The diesel-electric vehicles are compliant with FRA requirements since the Silver Line passenger rail will share much of the corridor with freight operations. (No freight will ever traverse the North Dallas section of the corridor.) As such, overhead electrical power lines, like those used to power the light rail vehicles, cannot be used as they are incompatible with freight clearances.

The diesel engines will be compliant with EPA Tier 4 ultra-low emission standards.

5.  The Silver Line vehicles will be quiet.

DART and Stadler have equipped the vehicles with closed-cell, noise absorbing polyethylene foam in the bogie (truck) areas of the vehicle. DART also added wheel skirts, HVAC enclosures (bafflers), and variable speed cooling fans to the vehicle to dampen the noise.

Trains will be required to activate their horns at all street crossings that do not have quiet zones. Where possible, DART is constructing bridges over major roadways, and trains do not sound their horns while on a bridge. The implementation of quiet zones will mitigate 95% of noise impacts, and the rest of the moderate noise impacts may be lessened by reducing the noise from the stationary warning bells and installing noise barriers.

Additionally, train operators will only use the horns in emergency situations and in work zones. Train horns will also be required during a short quiet zone testing phase prior to final implementation of the quiet zone.

6.  The Silver Line may run every 30 minutes during weekday peak hours, and every 60 minutes off-peak.

DART currently plans to offer weekday service from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. However, it is possible that the service hours could be as early as 5 a.m. or as late as 11 p.m.

The Silver Line will run every 30 minutes during weekday peak commute hours and every 60 minutes during off-peak and weekend hours. Final hours of operation and vehicle frequency will be approved and included in the agency’s service plan when we are closer to the Silver Line’s opening.

7.  There will be parking at eight of the Silver Line stations.

DART will have parking lots at all Silver Line stations except DFW Airport Terminal B Station and Knoll Trail Station.

Like at all DART park-and-ride locations, overnight parking is permitted, but not recommended. We suggest that you use one of DART’s connecting transit services, like bus or GoLink, or arrange for someone to drop you off at the rail station if you are using DART to get to the airport.

8.  You can get e-mail and text notifications with Silver Line Updates.

Go to DART.org/email to subscribe to My DART Updates and receive e-mail and/or text notifications about the Silver Line Regional Rail Project. We suggest these topics:

  • Community Meeting/Public Hearing Notices
  • News Releases
  • Silver Line Updates

Please visit DART.org/Silver Line for more information on the Silver Line Regional Rail Project, including the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision (FEIS) document and the Questions & Answers section.

You also may contact the Silver Line community outreach team directly at [email protected]


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