Ask DART: Tunnel Closure (FAQ)

DART Cityplace Uptown Station
Posted on Jun 6, 2022 by DART Daily



DART will be performing maintenance work which will impact rail service at some stations. The below FAQ addresses how your commute will be impacted. 

Q: When will this work take place?
A: The work will be divided into two phases. Phase I is scheduled for June 9-12 and Phase II is scheduled for June 23-26.

Q: What stations will be closed during this work?A: Cityplace/Uptown Station will be closed during Phase I. Lovers Lane and Park Lane stations will be closed during Phase II.

Q: What maintenance work is being performed in Phase I?A: A high voltage transformer in the tunnel near Cityplace/Uptown Station is failing. This transformer feeds critical circuits in the tunnel.

Q: Why can’t this work be performed over a weekend? A: There is other electrical equipment in the pathway that must be removed first. Also, the transformer weighs five tons and will take special rigging equipment to move. Installing and testing the new one is a process that takes time.

Q: What will happen if the work in the tunnel is not completed?A: Currently, some lighting circuits in the tunnel are not fully functional, which is a safety issue. Without maintenance work, other electrical issues may occur.

Q: How long will this new transformer last?
A: Approximately 25 years.

Q: Why is there a Phase II for maintenance work?  A: A pad shifted on one of the columns underneath the deck at the Park Lane Station bridge. To make repairs, the bridge must be raised with jacks so the pad can be replaced. New concrete will be poured, and it will take three days to cure.

Q: How will this impact our train operations?
A: No train service will go through the tunnel. During Phase I, the trains will operate as follows:

  • Blue and Red lines going north will turn around at Pearl/Arts District Station, while those going south will turn around at SMU/Mockingbird Station.
  • The Green Line will not be affected.
  • Passengers on the Orange Line heading north will need to deboard at Pearl/Arts District Station and take the shuttle to SMU/Mockingbird Station where they can board the Red Line. Passengers going south will travel to SMU/Mockingbird Station, get onboard the shuttle to Pearl/Arts District Station and transfer to the Orange Line going to DFW Airport Station.

    During Phase II, trains will operate as follows:

  • Green and Blue lines will not be affected.
  • Those traveling north on the Red Line will deboard at SMU/Mockingbird Station and take the shuttle to Walnut Hill Station where they can reboard a Red Line train.
  • Passengers on the Orange Line heading north will need to deboard at Pearl/Arts District Station, transfer to the Red Line and travel to SMU/Mockingbird Station, where they will deboard to take the shuttle to Walnut Hill Station. Once at Walnut Hill Station, passengers can board a Red Line train to continue north. 

For a full list of schedules, read more on our official press release.

Q: How will my commute be impacted?
A: During the scheduled work, DART will run shuttle buses that will take you to and from the impacted stations. Those buses will be charter buses. The trains will operate every 20 minutes during peak service. 

Q: How will the bus bridge operate?
A: During a normal bus bridge, DART branded buses are used. For the repair event, DART will use charter motor coaches that will have DART signage. They will stop at the “Red Rail Disruption” signs found in the bus bays at each of the impacted stations.

Q: Will DART staff be available to assist passengers?
A: Yes, DART staff will provide information and directions on where to board the bus bridge.

Q: How can I find an alternative route to get to my destination?
A: You can call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111 or use the DART Trip Planner available in the GoPass app or at

Q: Will this work impact the GoLink trips?
A: No.

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